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Technical Specifications

FRAME VeloVie Carbon Axis Formula construction, over sized tubing, aerodynamic seatube, standard 1-1/8" head tube, external cable routing and a PF30 bottom bracket.
FORK VeloVie Carbon Axis Formula, full monocoque, curved to absorb road vibrations.
HEADSET FSA Orbit 1-1/8" integrated (Optional).


Size 47 50 53 56 58 60
(A) Seat-Tube Length, B-B Center to Top 470mm 500mm 530mm 560mm 580mm 600mm
(B) Top-Tube Length 495mm 516mm 535mm 549mm 564mm 574mm
(C) Effective Top Tube 509mm 527mm 548mm 562mm 574mm 585mm
(D) Chain-Stay Length 405mm 405mm 405mm 405mm 405mm 405mm
(E) Seat-Tube Angle 75° 74.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73° 73°
(F) Head-Tube Angle 71° 72° 72.5° 73° 73° 73°
(G) Wheelbase 969mm 975mm 982mm 989mm 1000mm 1005mm
(H) Head-Tube Length 110mm 120mm 150mm 160mm 180mm 200mm
*Fork Rake on all sizes is 43mm.


FRAME For those looking for a race bike that is still comfortable at mile one hundred, the Vitesse 300 is it. The 300 was designed knowing that the road wears down the body and the mind. If you suffer the whole ride you aren't going to feel strong physically, and therefore, mentally you will feel defeated. We gave the 300 the right mix performance and comfort so that you are thinking about crossing the finish line, not worrying about falling off the back.

Stiffness VS. Comfort
The word "stiff" is used a lot when talking about frames. It refers to how much the frame flexes when force is applied to the pedals. The stiffer a frame is the less it flexes and the more power is transferred, from the rider, through the bike, to the sweet spot where the rubber meets the road. To make the 300 stiff yet comfortable we use a with mixture of high modulus carbon and intermediate modulus carbon. The rigid properties of the high modulus carbon are applied to the areas of the frame that we want to be stiff, the bottom bracket for example. Where we want the frame to be more resilient, we use intermediate modulus carbon, which has more elastic characteristics. Doing this gives the 300 its comfortable ride quality and keeps the rider feeling fresher longer.

Aerodynamic Tubing
Built for long rides the 300 uses aerodynamic to minimize air friction and increase your efficiency. This is exemplified in the shape of the seat tube. It is designed so that the rear wheel can tuck in behind it, significantly reducing the drag.

PF30 Bottom Bracket
"This is a new design led by SRAM. It's all the best from BB30 and Press-Fit bottom brackets in one captivating package. This bottom bracket is designed for 30mm spindle cranksets. The key difference with PressFit 30 is how the bearings are fitted into the frame. Bearings are housed in nylon cups which will be pressed into the frames bottom bracket shell. PressFit 30 will feature an integrated seal, pre-assembled into the cups, to further prolong bearing life. Frames will need a 46mm inner-diameter bottom bracket shell to accommodate this system. PressFit 30 for road will require a 68mm wide shell while PressFit 30 for MTB will require a 73mm wide shell. Advantages: Huge weight savings, narrow Q-factor, more ankle clearance, greater bearing durability, stiffer/stronger crank construction, simple installation. Allows for larger diameter frame tubes increasing frame stiffness."-SRAM


FRAME Coming soon.