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Carbon fiber as a frame building medium has taken the pipe dreams of engineers and designers, and transformed them into the tools of champions; if it can be designed, it can be made out of carbon fiber.

The way our bikes take form is truly unique. Using a mix of the industry’s best processes in all the right places, a VeloVie is not just finely engineered -- it’s a finely engineered piece of art. Enter Carbon Axis Formula: VeloVie’s proprietary selection and orientation of just the right fibers in just the right places; more forgiving where you need it to be, stiffer where it counts.

Having already cemented our reputation for delivering instantaneous power transfer, the newest iteration of VeloVie technology delivers the same punch, but with a kidskin glove touch. Many mistake the whole “laterally stiff/vertically compliant” song as being some sort of inherent quality of a carbon build, but that’s not the case. Ultimate energy efficiency with all-day-in-the-saddle comfort is a trophy of design and craftsmanship, not a miracle material.