The VeloVie Warranty

Velovie frames come with a two year limited warranty. The warranty is for the original owner and begins on the date of purchase. The warranty covers defects in the workmanship and materials but does not included damage caused by normal wear*. Proper assembly and maintenance are required for the warranty to be valid. We require all new bikes to be assembled by a trained professional**. A Frame used for purposes outside of its intended use will not be covered. Frames in question must be returned to Velovie for inspection, where they may be repaired or replaced, at the discretion of Velovie.

All non-Velovie parts and components are under their original manufacturer's warranty. Please address those companies directly with any warranty concerns.

* We have a crash replacement program as well as our Loyality Xchange Progam that may be beneficial in some situations that do not qualify as warranty issues.

** You can elect to have a VeloVie Mechanic assemble your bicycle for you for $149, or take it to your local bike shop and have them assemble it and fill out our warranty card. The warranty card must be returned to Velovie within 30 days of purchase to validate the warranty.